The top places to find the very best restored saddles

A horse saddle is like a car, for it to age well, it needs a regular maintenance in order to have a fine used saddle. If you have forgotten to grease regularly, you can catch up by starting with a good glycerine soap for saddle leather. There are different brands in the shops specialized in riding equipment.

Stool maintenance

Stool needs regular maintenance. They must be cleaned, fed (for leather saddles), check the condition of the seams and the cons-sanglons. Special care must also be given to saddles with padding made of wool. The wool, breathable and shock absorbing, has the advantage of being modulated by the saddle or the saddle fitter so that the saddle adapts finely to the horse's back. But it must also be maintained to not become packed, hard and uncomfortable.

Ranges of custom-made high-end saddles and restored saddles

Art-ur upholstery is the specialist in the manufacture of saddles in Quebec. Located in Sainte-Marie, Beauce, they can offer you high-end products. Do you want a western saddle or a unique English saddle? No challenge is beyond the reach of their saddler craftsman. In addition, they also repair and restore saddles and equestrian products.

The workshop The Milanerie can refurbish any riding equipment (bridle, protections, saddles, harnesses, shaps, boots, blankets ...) or any other leather item (luggage, furniture, leather goods ... ). The materials used are first choice and everything is implemented so that the leathers used are as close as possible to the original leathers. For the oldest pieces, it is possible to perform the restoration using the same techniques as those used in their manufacture. When this is possible, the workshop offers a repair that reinforces the damaged part and allows a better longevity of the material, in respect of its aesthetics.

There are several saddlers, able to provide perfectly restored saddles, but the best places for a good result remains in the performance workshops as mentioned above. So you just have to go there without pressure.

All the top quality restored saddles on offer [at]Equitack

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4 Olympic medalists equipped with Antares saddles !

4 Olympic medalists equipped with Antares saddles !
Antares is a very famous brand of French saddles. The company and This site Equitack, offers unique qualities that are not found in any other brand of saddlery. The merits of this mark have been proved many times. The great achievements of the Olympic riding championships are the living proof.Antares, partner of the great sportsmenAntares is not only a reference brand in terms of horse saddles. The intervention of this company sellier in the world of the sport is more [...] : We specialize in saddle restoration : We specialize in saddle restoration
The choice of the saddle depends on each discipline, but we will focus on the world of the factory of the saddle and especially the catering side. We will also talk about the equitack online store.The world of a saddlerA saddle must meet a number of requirements and provide better comfort for the horse and his rider. Thus, the tree that is the soul of the saddle must be flexible today. With a modified saddle pommel brings very innovative solutions to the world of horse ( [...]

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