4 Olympic medalists equipped with Antares saddles !

Antares is a very famous brand of French saddles. The company and This site Equitack, offers unique qualities that are not found in any other brand of saddlery. The merits of this mark have been proved many times. The great achievements of the Olympic riding championships are the living proof.

Antares, partner of the great sportsmen

Antares is not only a reference brand in terms of horse saddles. The intervention of this company sellier in the world of the sport is more advanced than that. Indeed, Antarès makes partnerships with the national teams of different categories of game. The company is then responsible for providing the accessories used for all types of sport but the best known is the obstacle contest for horse racing. The quality of the equipment sold by this upholstery is ideal for high level competitions. This form of collaboration has had a double advantage, firstly because it has allowed the company to improve the quality of its stools and then because with good quality stools, riders can easily increase their performance. And we do not fail to say that several championship titles were obtained thanks to this mark.

Achievements thanks to Antares saddles

Antarès is the partner of sportsmen in the world of horsemanship. Indeed, for several years, this company equips the French national team at large competitions. Certainly, the training counts to be at the point before a race but it would be unfortunate to say that the efforts of the riders will have been thrown into the trash because of a bad saddle. That is why Antarès created the antares saddles, the best qualities for a better race. And the efforts have paid since in 2016, the French riding team came out winner of the Olympic Games. The 4 medals they brought back from Rio made the country proud and especially the company Antares. And at the end of the matches, the players did not fail to thank Antares for their collaboration. Thanks to these accessories, riding has evolved. And they are still finding new ideas to revolutionize this exciting world of horse racing.

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Equitack.com : We specialize in saddle restoration

Equitack.com : We specialize in saddle restoration
The choice of the saddle depends on each discipline, but we will focus on the world of the factory of the saddle and especially the catering side. We will also talk about the equitack online store.The world of a saddlerA saddle must meet a number of requirements and provide better comfort for the horse and his rider. Thus, the tree that is the soul of the saddle must be flexible today. With a modified saddle pommel brings very innovative solutions to the world of horse (equitack.com) [...]

The top places to find the very best restored saddles

The top places to find the very best restored saddles
A horse saddle is like a car, for it to age well, it needs a regular maintenance in order to have a fine used saddle. If you have forgotten to grease regularly, you can catch up by starting with a good glycerine soap for saddle leather. There are different brands in the shops specialized in riding equipment.Stool maintenanceStool needs regular maintenance. They must be cleaned, fed (for leather saddles), check the condition of the seams and the cons-sanglons. Special care [...]

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