How many time can a saddle last ?

When you are a true horse riding enthusiast, you often want to keep this saddle that has overcome all obstacles and fights with us. We will also like that this equipment always brings us all the luck that it has been able to bring us so far and that it can support us day by day. However, it often happens that the saddle does not last. Without warning, she lets go, but what are the reasons? And what is the true duration of a saddle

Maintenance first

A well-maintained saddle can last longer than a rider could hope for? Indeed, the life of fine used saddles is based primarily in its maintenance that should never be neglected. Also, they can be used even after decades if their owners know how to take care of it and ensure that all parts remain intact. It is not only at the level of the parts that must be checked, it is also necessary to make sure that the saddle did not take the water during the rainy weather, that the quality of the fabric and the material of which the seat is made either always operational, that there are no rusts or other problems of this type. Services can offer the maintenance of stool, it will be up to you to see if it interests you or not. In addition, good maintenance can easily detect problems and solve them even before they cause damage, so it is better to prioritize it.

Everything will depend on you!

Be aware, first of all, that stools have never been designed to last a few years. They were created to last a lifetime in order to be always present in the life of the rider and to support him in the good and bad times. But it often happens that after a few decades, they no longer last and no longer play its proper role. The first reason that the equipment is no longer able to meet the expectations of the person is that it has not been very well maintained. Then, the weather has probably deteriorated: the equipment was left too long outside, in the rain, snow, sun or other. Also, if you really want to know how long a saddle lasts, tell yourself it depends on you!

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